Logo of SBV


Sri Balaji Vidhyapeeth SBV Logo explained


Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth will strive to be in the forefront of higher education in order to give India the High Caliber healthcare workforce she needs.  


  • To raise SBV and its constituent institutes to be among the top ten institutions in the country.

Value: Excellence  

  • To empower our students so that they are considered at par with global standards with regards to their competence, professionalism, ethical Practice of holistic, compassionate and evidence based medicine and as dedicated researchers.

Value: Student empowerment

  •  To bring about an integration in teaching learning process which ensures a holistic approach to learning and a better comprehension from the students.

Value: Collaboration

  •  To develop innovative and credit based courses in areas of national priorities.

Value: Innovation, Excellence

  •  To train healthcare professionals to be active members of healthcare delivery in a compassionate and holistic manner.

Value: Social accountability, Compassion

  •  To foster research in areas of national and international priorities such as personalized medicine, regenerative medicine and drug development for Tropical diseases.

Value: Innovation, Social accountability

  •  To foster cooperation with industry to enable the benefits of research to reach the community.

Value: Collaboration, Community Service

  •  To foster academic and research collaborations both nationally and internationally to enable SBV to be an active participant in emerging areas of medicine

Value: Collaboration, Innovation

  •  To focus on the interface between modern medicine and complementary and alternate medicine to create evidence for their synergistic use.

Value: Holistic Medicine, Scientific Rigor